War Child Holland Masterclass 6 juni

The potential of mindfulness and acceptance based approaches.

How can we foster resilience in aid workers in the field? What are the main stressors and preferred coping mechanisms? And how can we reduce the mismatch between what organisations offer and the frontline realities.With reflection from the field by War Child and The Antares Foundation. Read more about the subject

Fostering Resilience in aid workers
Wednesday 6 June
@Playground War Child
Helmholtzstraat 61-G
1098 LE Amsterdam

03:00 PM – Welcome

03:30 PM – Masterclass

  1. Introduction by Felicity Brown, PhD
  2. Masterclass by Professor Kenneth Pakenham
  3. Reflection by Mirna Kassar, staff care counsellor War Child Lebanon and by The Antares Foundation.

05:00 PM – Discussion lead by Eamonn Hanson, PhD

05:30 PM – Drinks

Main Speaker
Kenneth Pakenham, PhD, is a Professor of clinical and health psychology in the School of Psychology at The University of Queensland, Australia. His research and clinical practice in psychology spans 35 years. Inspired by the resilience of people with serious mental and physical health conditions, he has committed much of his career to investigating the processes that foster personal growth in the context of health adversities, and to translating his findings into interventions that help people thrive. Read more

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