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The goal of this randomized clinical trial was to examine the effects of a CBT program, CBT Grief-Help, for prolonged grief disorder in children and adolescents in comparison with the effects of nondirective supportive counseling.

Meta-analytic reviews concerning predictors of PTSD in children and adolescents have predominantly identified evidence relating to pre- and post-trauma risk factors; however, there is little evidence regarding peritraumatic risk factors. This paper comprised a systematic review and meta-analysis of studies exploring psychological peritraumatic risk factors for PTSD in youth.

Het doel van dit onderzoek is om de psychosociale gevolgen die verkeersslachtoffers ervaren in kaart te brengen. Ook risico- en beschermende factoren worden onderzocht. Vervolgens wordt aan slachtoffers met een hoog klachtenniveau hulp op maat aangeboden, bestaande uit online cognitieve therapie in combinatie met EMDR.

Het doel van dit onderzoek is om de emotionele gevolgen van een overlijden van een dierbare door een verkeersongeval in kaart te brengen.

Boelen, Smid, Lenferink, 2019.

This study examined whether epigenetic age acceleration (EAA) associates with internalizing and externalizing symptoms that were prospectively collected across childhood in a longitudinal cohort study.

This study examined whether [1] any cognitively-demanding task can enhance extinction, or whether it is limited to eye movements, and [2] the effectiveness of such an intervention can be enhanced by increasing cognitive load.

This study showed that variants of exposure therapy are tolerated well and lead to large improvements in patients with CA-PTSD. Intensifying treatment may lead to faster improvement but not to overall better outcomes.

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