In de Lezingencyclus organiseert de NtVP 3 lezingen per jaar. De lezingen zijn bedoeld om leden geïnformeerd te houden van recente ontwikkelingen en actualiteiten op het gebied van de psychotraumatologie. In iedere lezing zullen twee sprekers aan bod komen.

Foster children, mostly maltreated in their birth families, may be fostered by parents who know little about the impact of traumatic experiences. This study provides evidence that training in trauma-informed parenting can be effective in improving foster parents’ knowledge on the impact of traumatic experiences and in increasing a positive mental representation of their foster child as well as in reducing children’s post-traumatic symptoms.

This work reports the development and validation of an algorithm for prediction of post-traumatic stress course over 12 months using two independently collected prospective cohorts of trauma survivors from two level 1 emergency trauma centers, which uses routinely collectible data from electronic medical records, along with brief clinical assessments of the patient’s immediate stress reaction.

Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) are at increased risk for adverse experiences and developing posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). However, trauma and PTSD in this population are frequently underdiagnosed and undertreated. Despite the availability of multiple types of trauma‐specific treatments for the general population, there is a gap in understanding these collective interventions within the IDD literature.

Vandaag is het precies 25 jaar geleden dat de moslimenclave Srebrenica in Bosnië viel. Het Nederlandse bataljon Dutchbat ondersteunde een VN-missie om de strijdende partijen uit elkaar te houden, maar kon niet verhinderen dat duizenden moslimmannen door Bosnisch-Servische troepen werden vermoord. Journalist en historicus Coen Verbraak blikt met betrokken Dutchbatters terug op de gebeurtenissen van toen en op de impact ervan op hun verdere leven.

Therapists and counsellors who provide trauma‐focussed therapy and support to refugees and asylum seekers are often exposed to distressing and confronting stories of war, violence, torture, loss and grief, and other atrocities. This mixed‐methods research aimed to identify and explore factors associated with mental health and well‐being among workers, with a particular focus on the role of clinical supervision.

The aim of this meta-analysis and systematic review was to report the pooled prevalence of anxiety and mood disorders and PTSD in general refugee populations residing in high-income countries and to detect sources of heterogeneity therein.

In a prospective study of young people in out‐of‐home care, we sought to identify demographic and cognitive processes that may contribute to the maintenance of both PTSD symptom and complex features.

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