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Het doel van deze studie was te onderzoeken of EMDR een bruikbare en effectieve behandelingsmethode is bij getraumatiseerde asielzoekers- en vluchtelingenkinderen. Voor getraumatiseerde asielzoekers- en vluchtelingenkinderen lijkt EMDR een potentieel effectieve behandeling. De terughoudendheid die nu bij behandelaren wordt gezien, lijkt onterecht.

Fear is an adaptive response in the presence of danger. However, when threat is uncertain and continuous, as in the current coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, fear can become chronic and burdensome. To better understand predictors of fear of the coronavirus, we conducted an online survey (N = 439) between March 14 and 17, 2020, which started three days after the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic.

Potentially morally injurious experiences (PMIE) (events that transgress an individual’s subjective moral standards) have been associated with psychologically distressing moral emotions such as shame and guilt. Military leaders and clinicians have feared that those with PMIEs may be less likely to seek help due to the withdrawing nature of shame/guilt; however, to date, help-seeking patterns of military personnel with PMIEs has not been explored. Our objective is to address this research gap.

Anhedonia and secondary psychotic symptoms in PTSD are characterized by dysfunctional reward consumption and anticipation processing, respectively. The latter may reflect a mechanism by which abnormal reward signals in the basal ganglia facilitates psychotic symptoms across psychiatric conditions.

Studies that identify children after acute trauma and prospectively track risk/protective factors and trauma responses over time are resource-intensive; small sample sizes often limit power and generalizability. The Prospective studies of Acute Child Trauma and Recovery (PACT/R) Data Archive was created to facilitate more robust integrative cross-study data analyses.

A recent increase in RCTs of psychological therapies for PTSD, results in a more confident recommendation of CBT-T and EMDR as the first-line treatments. Among the CBT-Ts considered by the review CPT, CT and PE should be the treatments of choice.

In this randomized controlled trial we examined the efficacy, and evaluated the usability and user satisfaction of the app ‘SUPPORT Coach’ as a self-help tool to reduce trauma-related symptoms.

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