Symposium: Development and resilience in refugee and migrant youth.

Hereby we cordially invite you to attend the Child and Adolescent Studies (CAS) symposium at Utrecht University: Development and resilience in refugee and migrant youth. The symposium will take place March 19th 2020.

Around the world, the number of people who seek or have refugee status continues to increase. About 50% of all refugees are children and adolescents. Integration and adaptation of newcomers and immigrants poses both a challenge and a responsibility for receiving societies. Youth and/or their parents are likely to come from places where they have been exposed to major hardships, affecting their mental health and well-being. In addition, individuals with a refugee of migrant background are suggested to be at risk for new adverse experiences. Despite the suffering and challenges that come with facing adversity, a substantial part of youth is doing remarkably well. Therefore, obtaining a better understanding of refugee and migrant youth provides a rare and valuable opportunity to gain insights into developmental pathways and resilience.

With this interdisciplinary symposium we aim to bring together researchers, teachers, students and policymakers with an interest in development and resilience of children and adolescents with a refugee or migrant background, as well as those interested in vulnerable and harder-to-reach populations more generally.

Confirmed speakers:
Eva Alisic, PhD – Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne, AU
Trudy Mooren, PhD – Department of Clinical Psychology, Utrecht University, NL
Gonneke Stevens, PhD – Department of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Utrecht University, NL
Marit Sijbrandij, PhD – Department of Clinical Psychology, Vrije Universiteit, NL

9:15-12:30 – Lectures and panel discussion
12:30-13:30 – Lunch
13:30 – 15:00 – Pitches PhD-students + discussion methodological challenges in working with harder-to-reach populations

Registration and submission:
Participation is free, but please register for the morning and/or the afternoon program at:
In the afternoon we have space for pitches by PhD-students. During a pitch you are welcome to present your research in 3-5 minutes (3 ppt slides). The pitches will be followed by discussion on methodological challenges for peers and senior colleagues so you can connect and learn from each other. For a pitch, please register no later than 05-03-2020.

The symposium will take place on March 19th 2020 (9:15-15:00), in the Boothzaal, Utrecht University, De Uithof. Looking forward to see you then!

Odilia Laceulle, PhD – Department of Developmental Psychology (
Laurien Meijer, MSc – Department of Developmental Psychology & Department of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
Karen Rienks, BSc – Department of Developmental Psychology
Marieke Sleijpen, PhD – Department of Clinical Psychology
Sander Thomaes, PhD – Department of Developmental Psychology

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