Meeting van STRESS-NL (consortium stressonderzoekers)

PROGRAMME Stress-NL Meeting December 13, 2018

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1000-1015 OPENING

1015-1115 SYMPOSIUM 1: How to improve human stress measures in daily life

– Experience sampling: Going temporal and multidimensional (Sanne Booij)

– Big data and stress quantification (Wessel Kraaij)

– Heart rate and daily life stress (Eco de Geus)

– Measuring stress with wearable devices (Elena Smets, IMEC)

– Cortisol levels and stress in daily life (Alberto Pereira)

1115-1130 BREAK

1130-1230 SYMPOSIUM 2: Stress as a translational concept: molecular and animal models

– Translational animal models for stress sensitivity and related disorders​ (Judith Homberg)

– Early life stress: an overview of animal models (Angela Sarabdjitsingh)

– Effects of stress on neural circuits of (food) reward (Frank Meye)

– How stress and negative emotions influence addictive behaviour (Louk Vanderschuren)

1230-1330 LUNCH

1330-1430 Ron De Kloet award lecture

– Prof.dr. Carmen Sandi: Stress and the individual: How does anxiety contribute to stress vulnerability

1430-1530 BREAK

1530-1630 SYMPOSIUM 3: New developments in the stress field

– Oxytocin as a traumatic stress marker (Mirjam van Zuiden)

– Using mother milk to gain insight into stress (Eva Naninck & Aniko Korosi)

– Premature birth and brain development (Manon Benders)

– Combining neuroimaging and gene expression to study stress (Ahmed Mahfouz)

1630-1700 DISCUSSION

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