ISTSS 35th Annual Meeting Trauma, Recovery, and Resilience: Charting a Course Forward

Trauma, Recovery, and Resilience: Charting a Course Forward

November 14–16, 2019
Boston Marriott Copley Place
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Although its roots extend back more than a century, the modern field of traumatic stress studies traces its origins to the groundbreaking work of clinicians and researchers with trauma survivors in the 1970s and ‘80s, and to the founding of ISTSS in 1985. A watershed moment for the field occurred in 1992 with Judith Lewis Herman’s publication of Trauma and Recovery, a book that not only opened the eyes of the public and professionals to the impact of trauma on millions of survivors, but also provided a crucial map to recovery. The ISTSS 35th Annual Meeting honors the prescience and vision of key pioneers in the field. Our goal is to link their insights to the brilliant work on trauma and recovery that is emerging today as a means of charting a course for the next generation of traumatic stress clinicians, scientists, and scholars across the world.

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