Dubrovnik Summer School of Psychotraumatology

Since PTSD has been the focus of scientific research for many decades, the knowledge regarding posttraumatic impacts beyond PTSD and the individual survivor has also expanded. This course aims at helping clinicians to understand the diversity and complexity of the consequences of trauma troughout the survivor’s life trajectory and at learning about novel treatment approaches. First heterogeneous trajectories of long-term adjustment following potentially traumatic events will be elaborated upon. These include chronically elevated symptoms, delayed responses, improvement and the trajectory ofstable psychological health or resilience. Then, influence of psychological trauma on family systems will be discussed in depth through processes related to parenthood, spousal relationships, household conflict and aggression. Moreover, the psycho-political effects of war and terror on societies with regards to issues of safety, trust, moral judgement and attitudestowardsthe ‘other’groupwill be explored. Finally, newdevelopments with far reaching consequencesfor the treatment of traumaticstressconditionswill be presented and discussed. The internationally acknowledged experts will present the state-of-the-art knowledge in the field, both from the clinical and the research perspectives. The program consists of the morning lectures and the afternoonworkshops.

More information: Summerschool-Dubrovnik-2022

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