Interview Mark Jordans over psychologische hulp aan kinderen in oorlogsgebieden

Mark Jordans was keynote speaker tijdens het ESTSS congres in Rotterdam in 2019 en is onlangs benoemd tot bijzonder hoogleraar. De UvA interviewde hem over de psychologische hulp die hij biedt aan kinderen in oorlogsgebieden.

Mark Jordans conveys passion and engagement when talking about his work, which includes acting as director of Research and Development at War Child Holland as well as being a child psychologist. He believes and actually sees that children in war zones benefit from proper psychosocial support. Does he occasionally despair? ‘Yes. There are so many hotbeds and so many children in dire straits. Each year, War Child reaches 300,000 children. While this number is impressive, there are 142 million children living in war zones 142 million! This issue actually informs one of the main questions that my research sets out to answer: how can we apply the knowledge that we gain to much larger groups than in the past?’

Dit interview is hier te lezen.

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