ESTSS Statement on the Tragic Terrorist Attacks in Europe during the COVID-19 Pandemic


Datum: 17-11-2020

On 2 November 2020, Vienna came under a terrorist attack. Before that, a series of terrorist attacks took place in France. The European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ESTSS) would like to express its sympathy and solidarity with the Austrian and French people. The Austrian and French governments, key experts, and the populations of both countries have organized prompt responses to ensure safety and security in the aftermath of the attacks. The implementation of policies promoting information, support and solidarity have been impressive, and are effective in fostering resilience in the affected populations.

The aim of ESTSS is to promote strategies to counteract the consequences of any traumatic event – including mass trauma and man-made disasters – and to help prevent the onset of longer term consequences through early identification of risk and protective factors, and the promotion of effective and evidence-based psychosocial interventions and long-term clinical treatments. For this reason, the Society would like to propose the following recommendations to underscore the importance of a trauma-informed approach to shape the ongoing crisis response in the affected countries. The recommendations are in line with the TENTS guidelines on psychosocial support during disasters1, the ESTSS package of Recommendations on Mental Health and Psychosocial Care During Pandemics2, and the relevant guiding documents from IASC3:

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