Refugees and other conflict-affected persons are reported to have a 15% to 30% prevalence of PTSD and depression, compared with the 3.5% prevalence of PTSD among non-refugee populations

Can murder be a source of PTSD for those who commit it? While it is clear that trauma can affect criminal behavior, little attention has been given to the notion that the act of murder may serve as a source of PTSD for the offender.

Psychologen en verslavingsdeskundigen vinden het moeilijk met cliënten te praten over seksueel geweld. Terwijl de ervaring van toen vaak een verklaring is voor de problemen van nu. 

In een liefdevol portret zien we de weergaloze levensreis van dichter, schrijver en activist Maya Angelou. Aan de zijde van Malcolm X en Martin Luther King streed ze als burgerrechtenactivist voor de rechten van de Afro-Amerikaanse bevolking.

In the current study, machine learning was applied on biomedical data collected within 48 h post-trauma to forecast individual risk for long-term PTSD, using a multinominal approach including the full spectrum of common PTSD symptom courses within one prognostic model for the first time.

Can screening for adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) accurately predict individual risk for later health problems?

The goal of this randomized clinical trial was to examine the effects of a CBT program, CBT Grief-Help, for prolonged grief disorder in children and adolescents in comparison with the effects of nondirective supportive counseling.

This review critiques the biological and cognitive strategies used for early intervention and outlines the extent to which they have prevented PTSD

De ggz-appwijzer helpt je bij het vinden van apps die je mentale veerkracht kunnen versterken.

Meta-analytic reviews concerning predictors of PTSD in children and adolescents have predominantly identified evidence relating to pre- and post-trauma risk factors; however, there is little evidence regarding peritraumatic risk factors. This paper comprised a systematic review and meta-analysis of studies exploring psychological peritraumatic risk factors for PTSD in youth.

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